Services We Offer

Every style experience starts with a 30-minute phone consultation. Prior to your first appointment, we ask that you complete a short client questionnaire. It will serve as a guide to help us get to know you and  your sense of style. We want to learn all about your wardrobe struggles and discuss how we can help.


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Whether you are looking to build a wardrobe from the ground up or improve the one you have, it all begins in your closet. We’ll assess your current wardrobe to see where you’re at now and where you need to be. What are your favorite things to wear? What items haven’t been worn in a month, season, or year? Together, we will discover which items you should keep, give away, consign or have altered.

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Your personal stylist will hand pick items to get you where you need to go! The personal shopping consultation starts with a customized strategy to fill in the gaps of your wardrobe and introduce you to new and creative pieces that will bring your wardrobe to the next level.


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Dress with confidence and be ready for any occasion! With our digital look book, we’ll show you new and creative ways to wear your wardrobe and offer hand picked recommendations just for you.

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Our Process

1. Contact Us

Contact us with any questions you may have and we'll respond promptly

2. Complete Questionnaire

We'll provide you with a questionnaire that will help us guide you through the style process.

3. Style Session

Schedule a session with us and we'll provide you with 1-on-1 time to assess your wardrobe, clean out your closet, and find you pieces that fill out the gaps. We guarantee you'll love the results!

4. Look & Feel Great

Our goal is to help every client look and feel great. We have a track record of success over the last 7 years, contact us today to get started!

Success Stories

"Michelle is truly a life changer, I now look at myself and my wardrobe with more confidence and style, and it is all because of her fashion knowledge and guidance."

Leslie P.

"Working with Michelle is a pleasure. She's very positive and uplifting, like your own personal cheerleader in the dressing room."

Courtney D.

"I ended up finding more pieces in three hours than I have in the last three years of shopping on my own. I would highly recommend!"

Julie T.

“Michelle is amazing. She knew that if she could just get me to try some new things, my outlook on how I present myself to the world would change, and she was right. Michelle spends lots of time before each session pulling clothes for you to try on. I felt like I was in an awesome movie shopping makeover montage! Now I dress with confidence and in turn, feel confident and beautiful each day. I never thought that was possible.”

Emily J.

“I was drowning in a sea of clothes and needed some serious help. After our session, I have a closet where I can see everything I own and that I know my clothes are the right ones for my body. Michelle is a wonderful person and knows exactly what she is doing. You can tell she is knowledgable and loves her job.”

Jacki D.