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Michelle Greenhaw, Founder & Lead Stylist

Success Stories

"Michelle is truly a life changer, I now look at myself and my wardrobe with more confidence and style, and it is all because of her fashion knowledge and guidance."

Leslie P.

"Working with Michelle is a pleasure. She's very positive and uplifting, like your own personal cheerleader in the dressing room."

Courtney D.

"I ended up finding more pieces in three hours than I have in the last three years of shopping on my own. I would highly recommend!"

Julie T.

“Michelle is amazing. She knew that if she could just get me to try some new things, my outlook on how I present myself to the world would change, and she was right. Michelle spends lots of time before each session pulling clothes for you to try on. I felt like I was in an awesome movie shopping makeover montage! Now I dress with confidence and in turn, feel confident and beautiful each day. I never thought that was possible.”

Emily J.

“I was drowning in a sea of clothes and needed some serious help. After our session, I have a closet where I can see everything I own and that I know my clothes are the right ones for my body. Michelle is a wonderful person and knows exactly what she is doing. You can tell she is knowledgable and loves her job.”

Jacki D.

“After Michelle helped organize my closet, we were able to fill in the gaps with a new wardrobe for the Fall with clothes and accessories that were very flattering. I came home with things that I wouldn’t have necessarily picked out on my own, but am very glad I did!"

Andrea F.

“I’ve recently lost weight, and as a result I have three different sizes in my wardrobe. Michelle was great and helped me find ways to re-use things I already had. I highly recommend working with Michelle if you are looking for a personal shopper or wardrobe consultant!”

P.J. Rooney

“Now I have pieces that pull everything together, and we kept within my budget. I’m not frustrated anymore, standing in front of my closet in the morning.”

Deb G.